Jerry began his career construction as a mason apprentice in Chicago, Illinois. Within two years, he became a journeyman mason. Jerry started his own masonry company by the end of the same year. Within eight years he employed 60 full time masons. While he enjoyed the construction industry, its seasonality in the Midwest drove Jerry to a second income producing venture for the off-season (it was a little difficult to lay brick when it was 30 below 0). This venture was within the restaurant industry. For over six years, Jerry owned and operated a very successful restaurant and lounge. After this very consuming period Jerry felt a call back from his biggest passion; the construction industry.

Following that brief diversion, Jerry returned to the construction industry at the urging of his friends and associates who wanted Jerry to build various construction projects for them. This time, Jerry functioned as a General Contractor and honed the management and negotiation skills which he relies on today.

Jerry decided to move his business to Phoenix, Arizona in 1978 after visiting friends in January when the weather was a sunny 82 degrees. He liked the idea of working year-round and avoiding the Illinois winters. He immediately obtained his general contractors licenses for residential and commercial construction.


Today, Jerry is still personally involved in every project at Kadansky Construction. Jerry is as likely to be seen consulting on a jobsite as he is attending a meeting at City Hall. Jerry Kadansky is known in the industry as a construction design expert and a liaison with architects, city planners, and engineers creating successful development projects.

Other Key Personnel

Connie Kadansky, Chief Financial Officer
Betty Charlier, M.B.A. Accounting

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